The Cast

A band of science-fiction fans, fighting for their lives, their world and their freedom to dream...

(Spoiler warning! Though we've tried not to give away too much, this page contains some info revealed in the course of the stories. To avoid it, just start at the beginning. If you really want a more recent jumping-on point, we recommend the beginning of Book Six.)

The leader. Rikk is a skilled orator and tactician, and a strong believer in God and justice, but not always perceptive of people's depths.

The martial artist. Rumy has three major passions: romance, comics art, and the fighting arts.

The enthusiast. Despite a traumatic past as both abused and abuser, a battle with a rare disease, and BDSM tastes, Ally's abiding trait is her love of life. Currently inactive as an adventurer but close to the group.

The pervy code-jockey. If you can endure Tim's tasteless humor, you'll find a big heart underneath. Of all the Fans, he is the most comfortable in his own skin.

The author. A response to pie-in-the-sky fantasies that have led her loved ones to ruin, Shanna's cynicism leavens a need to believe in, or at least hope for, a better world.

The actor. The burly Will wrestles frequently with his role in life and in the team, trying to avoid his father's savagery as he uses his own strength.

The royal. Joining the Science Fiction Club gave Katherine personal power such as she'd never known before. She's had an unstable relationship with power ever since. Currently inactive.

The Newbies

The hotshot. A champion gamer, crack shot, skilled problem-solver and powerful athlete, Marc is proudly protective of those less confident than he is. Which is nearly everyone.

The gadgeteer. A libertarian, Baxter has a keen grasp of technology and its tactical applications. He's still working on understanding people, especially women.

The puzzle-solver. A genius logician with eidetic memory, a Catholic Mexican immigrant, Hilda is difficult to know but passionate about the team and reliably honest in her criticisms.

The nice girl. Laura is friendly and sweet almost to a fault, brought into the group more as "a social balm" than for her relatively basic skill set.

The warrior. Di is Rumy's best and proudest student in the martial arts, but her aggression level is a bit worrying.

The copycat. Jesse is a supreme mimic, far more skilled than Will… so skilled, in fact, that his true personality remains a mystery.

The engineer. Don't call her a "catgirl." Zaha is determined to be known for her considerable design skills, not her unique physiology.

The mystic. Lord Feral, AKA Evan Moss, has magical powers rooted in a deep understanding of the nature of reality. He can't relate well to those who don't share this understanding. But don't worry: you probably do.

The administrator. Head of AEGIS, Jared gives the Fans a free hand, stepping in only when necessary. A man of strong convictions, humility and duty.

The teleporters. Despite a close relationship with humanity, these teleporting, telepathic creatures still speak their own holographic "language" and play by their own rules. Two of them serve AEGIS. No one knows why.

The young soldier. Rico was groomed as Rikk's successor, then "reassigned" due to lack of imagination. That rankles him, but he continues to serve as a field agent.

The Next Gen (Rarely Seen Since Book 5)

The businesswoman. Meighan was a lesbian business major, unskilled at all forms of combat, often thinking with her checkbook or hormones. But the Club taught her to give.

The voice. A bubbly Britfan and actress, "Union" Jackie affected an accent and cheery demeanor, but her craving for attention almost consumed her. She left on a quest for self-improvement.

The math brain. Tim's best friend, Guth was an emotionally cool mathematician, moved to occasional passion by his cruel cousin Stu and the prospect of achievement.

The old soldier. Old enough to remember the days of First Fandom, Harry called on experience in three wars to help the Fans bring down a tyrant.

The barbarian. A thuggish fan of Conan novels and shoot-'em-up sci-fi, Stu had few evident good qualities until shortly before his heroic death.

The fan of fans. "Tim the Fanboy" followed the Fans' early adventures with almost religious zeal. Such excessive faith would prove unfortunate.

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