KATHERINE: Beautiful server, isn't it? Really completes your office. And it's five nines and greater.

MEIGHAN: I'm sorry, five whats?

KATHERINE: Heh. Means 99.999 percent uptime. Means you'll be down for less than six minutes per year. Show me another college-based entertainment network that can say that.

MEIGHAN: How much we owe you?

KATHERINE: Merry Christmas.

MEIGHAN: Last year you got me a corset. This is a little... lavish. I love a bargain, but charity...

KATHERINE: Okay, consider it combat pay.

MEIGHAN: You've resigned from the Science-Fiction Club.

KATHERINE: Okay, fine. Fine. I'm leaving my position at Ac-Q-Tek, so if I don't use my bennies now, I'll lose them. I'd rather give free hardware to friends than have it revert to the company.

MEIGHAN: You don't have to be embarrassed about it, Kath. It's me, remember?

KATHERINE: I just... I'm still trying to feel righteous.

MEIGHAN: I hear you. So what are you giving Shanna?