A'got a fan letter from a lass.

Ih'was a suicide note.

So A'called 'er. A'said, hey.

This is Clara Strudenberry, Sean's wife, Chief Engineer Dotty from StarTec.

A'm doin' a convention in Indianapolis.

A'want to see ye there.

So A'saw her.

Och, A'm tellin ye... buuuuh. A'couldna believe what A'saw. She was definitely... suicide.

Somebody had to help her somehow, and clearly she wasna seein' the right people... ye know...

Anyhow, A'said A'm doin' a convention from then in St. Louis. And two weeks after that... she also came to New York, she was able to go to these places... and that went on for two years... mebbe eighteen times. And all A'did was talk positive things to her.

Then all of a sudden -- kk -- nothin'.

And A'had nae idea what was goin' on, ye know, A'never really saved her address, right?

Eight years later... a get a letter sayin' "A'do want to thank ye so much for what ye did for me, because A'just got me master's degree in electrical engineering."

Ye know... A'think that's the best thing A've ever done in me life... and it brings tears to me eyes every time A'think of the story...