Happy Aorta Day...

Since it's Valentine's next week, an' since ya seem ta like this stuff better than most, we're servin' up a pack o' pickup lines for the romantically challenged. Ya poor slobs.

I can't take credit for this one, though. These lines belong t'Arturick anš Mark Anthony Gray. We're selectin' the ten best they came up with, for more, click here.

Assumin' yer comfortable gettin' love advice from a series that repressive. (Seven years an' COUNTIN', an' no sex scene YET! Somebody get Chris Carter laid. Now.)

10. Let's make our own X-File.

9. Cerulean is a gentle breeze. Do me. Cerulean is a gentle breeze.

8. Why, I bet there's enough room for two people in my trenchcoat.

7. I'd like to have yer dress analyzed, let me help you out of it.

6. You play Scully, and I'll be Mulder.

5. Spooks like you turn me on.

4. I'm a psychic. I can sense we'll still be together in a few hours...

3. Remember that liver-eatin' mutant? Well, parts of my body are expandin' even as we speak.

2. Mind if I call ya... "Fox?"

1. Have ya ever been abducted before?

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